Meet our Experts at CIGRE in Paris

Meet our Experts at CIGRE in Paris

August, 26th to August, 31st
07/30/2018 - 6.54 pm

CIGRE 2018 - Paris Palais des Congrès – Conference
GE Expert Conferences

As in previous events, our GE experts who contribute towards Think Grid will be there to share their domain of expertise with the Conference’s visitors through official presentations, panel discussions, technical meetings and roundtables.

Check in the list below which one of GE Experts tackle the topics you are interested in and visit their sessions. Use the opportunity to discover GE’s latest developments or to meet GE’s experts on the 3rd Floor, Booth #330.

A1-101 Hybridizing Gas Turbine with Battery Energy Storage: Performance and Economics Nicholas W. Miller - USA
A1-102 Investigations on ROCOF withstand capability on large synchronous generators Kevin Chan - SWITZERLAND
A1-104 Impact of grid code evolution on the design of the generators for nuclear plants (Half speed, power above 800 MVA) B. Wahdame - FRANCE
A2-115 Experiences with high-temperature insulation systems & overload requirements Christophe Perrier - FRANCE
A3-201 Digital Disconnector: return on experience on digital substation E. Stella - ITALY
A3-301 Performance Evaluation of CO2/Fluoronitrile Mixture at High Short Circuit Current Level in GIS and Dead-Tank High-Voltage Circuit Breakers V. Hermosillo - USA
A3-307 Application of a Heptafluoroisobutyronitrile gas (C4F7N) mixed with the Background gas of CO2 in Gas-Insulated Switchgear (GIS) as SF6 Alternative K. Bousoltane - FRANCE
H. E. Jung - KOREA
A3-309 Performance evaluation of CO2 and Fluoronitrile mixture in comparison with SF6 K. Bousoltane - FRANCE
B3-104 Station insulation performance under heavy icing conditions G. Testin - ITALY
B3-146 Application of a Fluoronitrile gas in a 123 kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIIS) Pilot Substation D. Gautschi -SWITZERLAND
Ch. Lindner - Axpo SWITZERLAND
B3-216 Perspective given by 3D printing and virtual reality technologies F. Biquez - FRANCE
B3-217 Return on experience on asset management implementation in High voltage switchgear JL Rayon - FRANCE
B5-207 FITNESS Multi-Vendor Interoperability in Digital Substations P. Newman - UNITED KINGDOM
B5-215 Experience Feedback of Testing and Commissioning of a fully Digital IEC 61850 based PACS Ph Brun - FRANCE
V. Leitloff (RTE) - FRANCE
C2-107 The Role of Fast Frequency Response in Low Inertia Power Systems D. Stenclik - UNITED KINGDOM
C2-123 Icelandic Operational Experience of Synchrophasor-based Fast Frequency Response and Islanding Defence using Supply and Demand Side Resources D. Wilson - UNITED KINGDOM
C2-207 Application of Advances in Wide Area Monitoring to Address the Challenges from an Evolving Power System S. Clark - UNITED KINGDOM
C3-302 Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of an Environmentally Friendly 145 kV Gas Insulated Substation D. Gautschi - SWITZERLAND
C4-305 Requirements for models to study and prevent system separation and collapse JM. Willieme - FRANCE
C5-303 Exploring the Market Value of Smart Grids and Interactions with Wholesale (TSO) and Distribution (DSO) markets E. Larose on behalf of CIGRE
WG C5.24 - SC C5
D1-201 Application of Fluoronitrile/CO2/O2 Mixtures In High Voltage Products To Lower The Environmental Footprint F. Meyer - SWITZERLAND
D1-305 Return on experience on the uses of GIS PD monitoring systems G. Fauconnet - FRANCE
D2-106 Assuring operational communications across the sub-transmission and MV distribution electrical power grids M. Mesbah - FRANCE

We look forward to seeing you in Paris!



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